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Currently you probably need to scroll through many supplier webshops to order your complete range. Once you buy the products you still have to create and maintain your square metres in your garden centre. Stay ahead by choosing VIRETAIL.

With a few clicks you can order your whole range and if you prefer you can order plug&play concepts (complete instore concepts including clear manuals).

VIRETAIL marketplace

a digital platform where you can find:
  • range of many suppliers
  • plug & play concepts for your garden centre
  • international shopper information
  • trends & inspiration in retail

Sneak preview

For a sneak preview of our new webshop, please contact us:
+31 (0)20 362 4837


one invoice
one delivery
direct overview categories
standard concepts
(including manual)
cost efficient
much more!


Store solutions

Standing out in the crowd isn’t that easy! Just presenting the products against the best price isn’t enough. Consumers are looking for experiences and will only come back to your store if there’s something new to experience. A dynamic store is a basic need nowadays. Maintaining your concepts in a dynamic way and still focus on your shoppers, that’s the challenge.

VIRETAIL designs your concepts and keeps them actual and sparkling. You will receive all articles in one delivery including a clear manual for your team. This enables you to focus on your shopper.

Exhibition solutions

Concepts can also be made for all kind of exhibitions. Working with VIRETAIL will bring you a stunning concept that will draw people to your stand.

If you want to receive more information about our concepts, please contact us:
+31 (0)20 362 4837